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The Wilo Group is one of the world’s leading premium providers of pumps and pump systems for the building services, water management and industrial sectors

Submersible Pumps 



  •  Sewage Collection
  •  Storm Water
  •  Raw Water
  •  Sewage Treatment
  •  Dewatering

Max. Flow: 40,000 GPM

Max. Head: 420 feet

Features & Benefits

  •  Rugged design for portable, wet pit, and drywell installation
  •  Shaft-Short overhang/large diameter
  •  L3/D4 Shaft Bending Ratio lowest in industry
  •  Continuous operation possible in Q vs H curve extremes
  •  Internally closed loop cooled motors available
  •  FM explosion-proof rated

Rexa Pro 


  •  Wastewater and sewage
  •  Domestic and site drainage
  •  Sludges up to 8% dry matter
  •  Municipal and industrial applications

Max. Flow: 550 GPM

Max. Head: 110 feet

Features & Benefits

  • Clog-resistant vortex and 1-vane
  •  FM explosion-proof rated
  •  Dual mechanical shaft seals
  •  Watertight cable inlet
  •  Quick and easy installation

Submersible Mixers



  •  Mixing and circulation of activated sludge
  •  Flow generation in water channels
  •  Industry
  •  Oxidation Ditches

Thrust: 97-989 lbf (430-4400N)

Features and Benefits

  • Slow-running submersible mixer with two-stage planetary gear
  •  Flexible installation
  •  Two-stage planetary gear for adjusting the propeller speed
  •  Self-cleaning propeller
  •  Propeller blades can be replaced individually
  •  Easy-to-install blades and hub
  •  ATEX and FM versions
  •  "TRE" with IE3 performance optimized motors

TR 50 - TR 120


  •  Creation of fluid current in activated sludge tanks
  •  Suspension of solids
  •  Prevention of floating sludge layers
  •  Industry & Agriculture
  •  Water supply
  •  BNR

Thrust: 25-1025 lbf (110-4560N)

Features & Benefits

  •  Flexible installation
  •  Single-stage planetary gear for adjusting the propeller speed
  •  Self-cleaning propeller
  •  Easy-to-install propeller attachment
  •  Type “TRE” with IE3 performance optimized motors
  •  ATEX and FM versions



  •  Mixing deposits and solids in rain spillway basin and pump sump
  •  Breaking down of sludge layers
  •  Agriculture
  •  Water supply
  •  Wet wells
  • High-Speed Submersible Mixing

Thrust: 32-292lbf (145-1300N)

Features & Benefits

  •  Compact directly driven submersible mixer
  •  Stationary installation on walls and floors
  •  Can be swiveled vertically and horizontally for installation with lowering device
  •  ATEX and FM versions
  •  Self-cleaning propeller with helix hub
  •  Easy-to-install propeller attachment

Recirculation Pumps



  •  Low head water/sewage delivery at high-flow rates
  •  Process, raw, clean and cooling water
  •  Generation of fluid current in water channels

Max. Flow: 30,000 GPM

Max. Head: 17 feet

Features & Benefits

  •  Submersible, compact installation unit
  •  In-line design
  •  Energy efficient, flow-optimized, self-cleaning propellers, partially with helix hub
  •  Low cost in-basin piping
  •  FM - Ex Rated
  •  Pump station wet wells are no longer necessary
  •  Easy installation and removal
  •  The special blade design provides gentle pumping of water, sewage and activated sludge