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The wastewater industry has seen how nutrients have exposed the limits of existing solutions. Nexom (now including EDI) designs and supplies the next wave of proven technologies for cleaner water so municipalities and industries can confidently meet and exceed every treatment need.


Whether municipal or industrial, dischargers can offload their specialized care and maintenance to EDI, for long-term performance and system reliability.

In order to rely on your aeration system, you want it designed by experts to meet your specific needs. For nearly half a century, EDI has been making customized aeration solutions accessible to all wastewater treatment plants with:

  • Diffusers that distribute the air (including FlexAir™ fine-bubble discs, tubes, and panels; CoarsAir™ coarse bubble diffusers, and EDI-exclusive StreamLine™)
  • Membranes engineered to regulate bubble size, durability, and compatibility with specific treatment needs (including EPDM, PU, HTPU and EDI-exclusive Matrix™)

  • Configurations of aeration platforms designed for optimum efficiency and lowest lifecycle cost (Fixed-Grid or ModuleAir™ Retrievable Configurations)

  • Aftermarket Parts and Services to offer efficient installation and maintenance for all brands (through SiteWorks™ field service teams and Diffuser Express™ parts supply)



  • Nexoms efficient products can ensure your ponds comply with any effluent requirment. 
    • Nexom is the exclusive source for the SAGR, a simple, powerful tool for fully nitrifying lagoon effluent in any climate. The SAGR consists of a clean stone bed that is fully aerated. In a typical configuration, water flows through the substrate horizontally, and a layer of insulating wood chips, mulch or shredded tires at the surface prevents ice formation in the bed, allowing the system to treat wastewater that is near freezing (<0.5°C).
    • With Nexoms optAER you can effectively improve lagoon cBOD and TSS treatment, stop nuisance odors,reduce sludge by promoting internal digestion
    • IDEAL (Intermittently-Decanted Extended Aeration Lagoons), Proven cold temperature nitrification as low as 3°C, De-nitrification over 60%, Phosphorus removal and filtration options available, Worry-free operation during and after peak-plus flow events, Maximum hydraulic capacity


  • Nexom is the exclusive source for the BioPorts™ moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) or Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS). BioPorts combines concentrated attached-growth reaction kinetics with Nexom’s unmatched biological treatment expertise to create an industry leading nitrification, denitrification, and BOD removal technology.