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Muerer Research, Inc (MRI)

MRI is a leading innovator of sludge collectors and plate settlers, a good solution for fully utilized wastewater plants facing increased need and maxed-out site constraints. MRI Plate Settlers provide even distribution across the entire inclined plate settler system with a patented hydraulic flow control deck, making the system the most efficient plate settlers available.

Other key design features include laser-cut orifices, which guarantee that all points of effluent removal are identical; and a rigid design that enables the flow control deck to support up to 250 pounds, strong enough to be walked on during installation or inspection.

MRI's offerings also include: Inclined Plate Settlers, Tube Settlers, Hoseless Sludge Collectors, Reciprocating Linear Sludge Scrapers, Flocculators, Mixers, Baffles Helical Diffusers, Throughs and Trusses. If you would like more information on MRI's offerings, please contact us and we will connect you with our in-house expert servicing your area.