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Elgin Water

Elgin Separation Solutions designs and fabricates intake systems that are the first line of defense for your municipal, industrial, irrigation, or hydro power plant.  These unsung heroes keep fish safe and protect your pumps and turbines from harmful debris.  Elgin’s intake solutions deliver water to your system in a way that is both efficient and environmentally safe.


Copper Nickle Solutions

Copper use in the marine industry began 200 years ago to resist fouling of naval ships.  When corroded, copper forms a protective layer that is toxic to marine like while being relatively safe for humans.  The downside of copper is that is slowly wears away and leaches into the surrounding water supply, resulting in deterioration of the alloy and contamination of the water supply.  Thus, copper nickel alloy was developed to keep the effectiveness of copper without leaching.  


For decades, copper nickel has proven to resist corrosion and zebra/quagga mussel fouling.  This alloy retains the effectiveness of copper without leaching into your water source.  Elgin offers both a copper nickel coating and copper nickel construction.  Our patented coating process (U.S. Patent #5,945,171) utilizes copper nickel alloy and applies it to a stainless steel screen substrate.  Compared to copper nickel, stainless steel has double the tensile strength and slightly lower density.  This results in a much stronger, lighter, and more cost-effective solution.


Elgin’s copper nickel coating lasts longer and retains stronger adhesion than competing coatings.  The superior adhesion is due to the thermal spray process, which is more like welding than painting.  While other coatings need frequent re-application, our solutions last the lifetime of the system.