Water splashing



Continental's centrifugal multistage blowers are on the job — right now, and round the clock every day of the year — at municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants throughout North America. The equipment has many critical tasks, including introducing precise quantities of oxygen into water tanks in order to allow bacteria to degrade any organic matter. These quiet, high quality blowers feature cast construction to withstand continuous duty, and are designed to maintain constant pressure with clean, dry, pulsation-free air delivery. Flow is widely variable through the use of a REXA actuated regulation butterfly valve at the inlet. Performance is optimized, energy consumption minimized, and maintenance costs are kept low. With Continental we can provide air for EDI/Nexom diffuser equipment, Invent® Mixer-Aerator equipment as well as be used for process manufacturers Nexom, Suez®, and others.





If you would like more information on centrifugal blowers, please contact us and we will connect you with our in-house blower specialist servicing your area.

Continental Blowers are built to handle:

Fine bubble or coarse bubble aeration

Digester gas recovery

Lagoon or grit chamber aeration

Filter backwash systems and more