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Wastewater Resource Recovery

Anaergia treats wastewater as a resource by increasing the efficiency of existing municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, transforming them into assets that are net producers of renewable energy solutions including clean electricity, clean water, and fertilizer. Our Omnivore™ high-solids anaerobic digester technology increases efficiency, enables co-digestion, and reduces facility footprints and life cycle costs. Our integrated solutions reduce biosolids volumes, increase renewable energy production, achieve Class A quality biosolids to meet specific disposal requirements, and produce high-quality marketable fertilizer.


Municipal Solid Waste


Anaergia delivers innovative, proprietary, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and proven solutions that are setting new global benchmarks. The Anaergia approach maximizes municipal solid waste recycling and recovery, and recycling plastics, papers, and metals, before capturing biodegradable organic material for conversion to renewable energy and fertilizer. A small portion of the rejected material is transformed into a sustainable refuse-derived fuel (RDF). Anaergia provides robust, cutting-edge, and economically viable solutions for organics and energy recovery from waste sources. Unlike traditional approaches, our solutions recover 90% of organics without limitations on in-feed contamination levels. The recovered organic material is a nutrient-rich feed for anaerobic digestion and can be used in co-digestion plants to increase biogas production, including renewable natural gas.