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With Amwell we can offer one of the broadest lines of industry proven and time-tested clarifier equipment for the water and wastewater treatment industry; complete clarification equipment/rectangular collectors, sludge gravity thickening with value priced grit removal. This includes a variety of parts for clarifier, headworks, and metal retrofits. Amwell offers the DuraMax Chain on their rectangular collectors and grit equipment.  Scrapers are available in single or double sweep arms with standard or spiral flights.

Rapid sludge removal type with pipe arms, tapered rectangular suction arms and scraper type with multi-draw off pipes and visual sludge well are also available. Amwell  produces a split ductile iron Class 6 precision gear (after heat treat) with replaceable races.

Amwell's clarifiers are available in the following bridge or pier supported designs:

  • Bottom and side feed clarifiers
  • Rapid sludge removal clarifiers
  • Rapid visual sludge removal clarifiers
  • Spiral blade clarifiers
  • Solid contact clarifiers
  • Circular mechanisms for square tank installations
  • Flocculating/clarifiers
  • Sludge thickeners

We are proud to represent a company so well known for its high standards in performance and dependability.

If you would like more information on clarifier solutions please contact us and we will connect you with our in-house clarifier solutions and parts specialist servicing your area.