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SLG uses air and energy exchange to modify the structure of the sludge and to create an emulsion. The bound water is released and the “SLG sludge” floats. Adding polymers completes the flocculation optimization phase of “SLG sludge”, which is then treated by the dewatering equipment already in use in the plant. During installation of the SLG solution, Orège adjusts the operating settings of the dewatering equipment to adapt them to the modified physico-chemical and rheological properties of “SLG sludge” to ensure optimal performance.

SLG is a compact technology that can be easily integrated with existing thickening & dewatering equipment at Waste Water Treatment Plants, significantly improving thickening and dewatering performance without affecting everyday operations.


Main Advantages

  • Reduce thickened sludge volume
  • Reduce transport and disposal costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint and GHG emissions
  • Sludge product is pumpable even at 6-7% dry solids concentration
  • Improve filtrate quality
  • Reduce washwater requirement