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Olympus Techologies, Inc

Digester Covers:

OTI designs and manufactures Spherical Shell Membrane and Structural Truss digester covers. The Spherical Shell Membrane covers are the recognized preferred cover design for steel or stainless steel digester covers.  OTI supplies fixed, floating, buoyant and gasholder covers from 20’ to 125’ diameter.


Digester Mixers:

  • Top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top reversible mixing flow patterns.
  • Mixer draft tubes mounted on digester covers or exterior to the tank wall.
  • Non-fouling cast iron or stainless steel mixer propellers.
  • 5,000 gpm to more than 20,000 gpm designs are available.
  • Heavy-duty designs minimize vibration thereby extending seal and bearing life.
  • Completion of final painting on the mixer assemblies before shipment with fusion bonded epoxy paint – “powder coating”.
  • Factory assembled, tested and certified bearing cartridges.
  • Centering stabilizers minimize effects of turbulent flow.
  • Pressurized, continuous and automatic lower bearing lubrication.
  • High efficiency, XP, TEFC motors are used to drive the mixer.
  • Mixer may be removed from the draft tube while digester remains in service without dewatering or depressurizing the digester.