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REXA Linear and Rotary Actuators can provide reliable and accurate operation over a long period of time with virtually no maintenance costs. Superior modulating control capabilities for water and wastewater control valves and gates. Low power consumption units custom engineer to the application.

REXA Xpac Series 3 Linear Actuators provide rigid hydraulic stability and immediate signal response with no oil-based maintenance.  They are designed for the toughest process control applications where efficiency, reliability, safety and plant uptime matter most.

REXA Xpac Series 3 Rotary Actuators provide reliable quarter turn actuation with a simple rack and pinion design. They are designed to provide the stability of hydraulics without the routine maintenance. Immediate signal response delivers optimal control of the most critical applications. 

Electraulic™ Technology is a revolutionary brand of electro-hydraulic actuation unique to REXA. It combines the simplicity of electric operation, the power of hydraulics, the reliability of solid state electronics, and the flexibility of user configured control.

If you would like more information on REXA’s line of control actuators, please contact us and we will connect you with our in-house expert servicing your area.


Linear Actuator
  • Simple user-friendly calibration
  • Low power consumption
  • Fail-safe capable
  • Environmental rating: NEMA 4X (IP66)
  • Hazardous area rated: CSA/ATEX/IEC
  • Thrusts from 2,000 to 275,000 lbf (8896 to 1,223,260 N)
  • Strokes from 2 to 120 in (50-305 cm)
  • Low and high temperature configurations available
Rotary Actuator
  • Simple, user-friendly calibration
  • No routine maintenance
  • Fail-safe capable
  • Environmental rating: NEMA 4X (IP66)
  • Hazardous area rated: CSA/ATEX/IEC
  • Torques from 2500 to 1,500,000 in-lb (282 to 169,477N*m)
  • Rotations: 90°, 120°, 180° or 270°
  • Low and high temperature configurations available

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