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Flowserve: Pumps Aftermarket

Whether for emergency service or routine maintenance, immediate access to quality replacement parts can mean the difference between your operations running smoothly and unexpected downtime. We can supply parts and service for all Flowserve pump brands.

Legacy Brands

  • IDP was founded 1871 and acquired by Flowserve in 2000. IDP offers radially split pumps, main feed pumps for first nuclear-powered submarine, the world’s largest boiler feed pumps, and pipeline pumps driven by gas turbine engines.


  • Worthington  was founded in 1845. Worthington offers industrial process, between bearings, overhung slurry, vertical lineshaft, solid handling, cantilever, multistage, API 610, reciprocating, rotary gear and vertical turbine pumps


Ask our sales staff about your specific legacy model. Additionally Flowserve pumps can be easily adapted to replace almost any competitor pump with a simple retrofit.

Manufacturers that can be replaced:
LEGACY BRANDS: Worthington®, Ingersall Dresser® OTHERS: Fairbanks®, Flyght®, Alice Chalmers®, ABS®, Houma®, Paco®, Goulds®

For more on replacement, parts, service and compatibilities: